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No impressions ? all my views are from my own marketting


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I think I’m the only one who never checks for the search results.

I also never ever watched a single episode of Games Of Thrones or The Walking Dead.

Hello Mariokluser,

I have tried many things that i have found on the search result on this forum.

I have:

-Changed my tags and tittle to match similar gigs

-Made sure that my SEO had the right keywords

-Duplicated the exact same gig and deleted the previous one

The only thing left to do is to contact customer service, however i wanted to see if i could solve this by asking around in the forum since most replies are old.

I actually haven’t watched those shows because they do not bring any value to me and are quite frankly a waste of time. Created by people that want to make money.

On the other hand a concrete response with proper directions would be appreciated, but i guess i cant ask for that even from an old timer 🙂

Customer support it is!

Thanks for your time.

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