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We got Level 2 seller


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Hello everyone! Just wanted to tell you that I got LEVEL 2 today!! I open this account long days ago. But actively start here late 3 months and now I’m here! Can’t believe this. I am really happy and excited. It has been a great experience.
Hopefully, this will bring me more sales!

Fiverr is a great source of income for me as I live in a slightly underdeveloped country where every dollar means a lot! Love you Fiverr!

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no bro, i replay to selfcareteam,

to this messege "I don’t know why fiverr denied my gig. You can see here."

i just told him that this type of gig violate the fiverr terms agreements that’s why they disable it…

That’s right, I just noted that. sorry for misunderstanding your comment post.

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