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Extra works threat and negative reviews


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Hello guys!! If you’re here then please read everything…I am a kind and honest seller on fiverr… I work 8hours plus continuously for just 5$ gig… But in this fiverr journey i faced 2 people till now and i am just a level 1… They death threat me… Harassed and blackmailed me they asked for extra works i made 20 more gameplays intros… Downloaded 40+ gameplays, cropped action scenes made over 20 intros for a guy added cinematic effects took me over 35 hours on it(working 35 hours)… Same goes to another guy he also asked for banners 10+ intros… After completing and working soooo hard they both left a 1 star review… I even complain to fiverr customer support but they said we cant do anything… In future, How should we solve this problem guys? Because both of those guys really made me cry… I really cried when i saw i get 1 stars for wasting my 50 hours working on my laptop…Please help me and tell me how to solve this in future…

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Hello Shadakhtar,

I havent had a review or a sale yet thus my knowledge on the matter is very limited but i will try to give you some tips.

First off it sounds like you are not asking enough money for your gig, working over 50 hours and earning only 10 dollars makes it a 50 cent /hour job. Even if you are doing 8 hours for 5 dollars that is too little. I cannot access your gig as you have not posted it on your forum profile and thus can only give you limited feedback.

Secondly, i am quite sure you are aware that there is a revision rate where you can charge people if they are not satisfied with your work the first time. To me this feature is the only feature that really helps fiverr sellers in terms of getting harassed less, because they know that the higher their expectations the more they have to pay.

Thirdly, death threat online are not to be taken too serious, don’t put all that weight on yourself think of them as disrespectful and childish clients (they are many in every field of work you just have to get used to them and ignore them). If they have given you death threats and you comply to them then you give them all the leverage and they have power over you to do anything (when their only threat really would have been a 1 star review since the beginning.

Finally, I really admire your tenacity at getting your job done, but remember money is time. You cannot be expected to do highloads of work for little money. Just like you respect your buyer the buyer must respect you.

Even though in service we say ‘the customer is always king’, they are limits!

I hope i have helped you.
If you have any other questions dont hesitate to message me.

Keep fighting! Success is just around the corner 🙂

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