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It's small and easy update I am sure you can do this (MY ADVICE)


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What you guys should do when someone keep asking you for work but say he can’t pay much?

I have one client-ish and he is very nice guy no doubt. I did small work on inbox section just to see if this is what he want and yes he did but he also sent me new updates which is very time consuming and hard work.
I tell him that these updates will be very pricey and you mentioned you are student, you can’t pay much etc.
He said. "Yes i can’t pay much and it’s small and easy update, I am sure you can do this"
And he kept asking for this

NOW, What you guys should do in this situation.

It seems naughty and maybe funny for some of you guys but i am using “Quick Response” section to handle this. I mean again and again and again and again

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My advice is simple – and I’m not the only person that has said this on the forums:

NEVER WORK FOR FREE. No “sample work” before a buyer places an order. And certainly no work within the non-order messaging system. If a buyer wants to hire you, he/she will – should – must – place an order from your gig page. Anything else, outside of an order, is a waste of your time.

Get paid for your work. End of story.

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