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Had my first buyer experience and my (newcomer) seller rocked it


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I’ve been a seller for nearly 2 and a half years now. Started from scratch and slowly made my way as an active seller, and I’ve been able to sustain my family from freelancing after I lost my awesome old job.

Anyway, sometimes orders just keep coming and I try my best to keep up, but when someone ask for revisions, I find myself in a bit of a pickle due to upcoming deadlines.

So I outsourced a job and this girl (I didn’t know she was a she until after we completed the order and ask my seller his name in order to thank him), she answered to my request and I realized SHE WAS A NEW SELLER. So I reviewed her portfolio and provided link and the art was really good, I knew this person had to take care or my request and that she/he’d nail it.

Not only did she deliver in a few hours time (I posted this with a 24-hour deadline), she nailed the graphics the very first time, and I had no option but to tip her good. She worked through the early morning (these timezones…) and delivered before I even went to bed.

I’m still certain I took the right decision making my first ever purchase on this site that’s given me so much.

In short: Newsellers, make sure your initial portfolio is all about the quality, display your full potential and make sure you link to a gallery that sets a standard to the quality of your craft. Also send as many quotes as you can, take the small jobs, ace them, get good reviews, and you’ll get bigger ones down the line.

Thanks for reading!

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I’m REALLY glad to read a story like this where the underdog comes out on top. I’m also glad that you gave a complete unknown a shot to dazzle. This should be an object lesson for the flood of posts I see complaining that
there’s no work to be had when either the representation of the work quality is below-average and wouldn’t pass muster in a kindergarten fingerpainting academy :rofl: or they’re missing a basic communication element between them and potential Buyers somewhere. Thank you again for posting this. 👍

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