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Buyers Request Problem


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I have always seen people on Buyers Request trying to promote their gig so I tried it and it got declined. I was so confused because I am new to fiverr and thought that it was a mistake. So, I did it again. The same thing happened and then it got declined too! I then realised that I was not allowed to promote my gigs.

A few weeks later, I saw people on Buyers Request saying they needed a job. So I decided to do that too since it isn’t really promoting my gigs. I got declined!

Can someone please tell me why Fiverr declines my requests but not others?!

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Guest offlinehelpers

Maybe your last request contained something against the ToS?

I’m not sure but I tried to copy what someone else wrote but it got declined

You advertised your services as a seller - that’s against the ToS, and why your request was declined.

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