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  1. 1. poll

    • a) 1-50
    • b) 51-100
    • c) 101-200
    • d) 201-500
    • e) 501-1000
    • f) 1001-3000
    • g) 3000+

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People who have higher numbers are far more likely to vote.

What really matters is how you are growing month to month, and how you are growing compared to your peers in your category.

How many I have delivered has zero impact on you and your business.

It’s also related to “How long have you been on Fiverr?”

Just because I’ve delivered 3,000+ in a year and a half, that means nothing compared to a seller that’s been around for 4 years. 80% of them will have far more deliveries. Or my numbers compared to someone who has been here 3 months. They have almost no chance of having my numbers.

Again, how are YOU doing this month? What are YOU doing to improve your results for this month. How are YOU improving your gigs to provide additional value for your buyers?

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