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I have followed the above directions but when I click on account setting there is nothing about pay pal or directing you to pay pal to set up an account link, what am I missing here.

also if I request a gig and say the price is $150 that would be 30 gigs, is that correct??. then how do I buy that many gigs when the drop down box only goes to 20gigs or does the payment automatically come out of the paypal account once i have pressed completed??

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I have made a payment of $47 US dollars from my account buying the service.
After paying through internet banking with my card the website show me a page that says "502 Bad Gateway"
I try to login again and again yet i cant go into my account anymore.
I just cancel my credit card becoz i suspect that i was being cheated.
Infomation from my bank saying that the money in transfer was succesful.
I hope amyone can solve my problem
Please help me

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I have $40 left in my fiverr account which was returned to me by the seller who was unable to do the job.

Now, I have contacted another seller who has sent me a custom invoice of $80 for the new job.

My question is how can I use my remaining fiverr credit of $40 towards $80 custom invoice.

When i try to pay the custom invoice of $80, Fiverr tries to draw out full $80 from my PayPal account rather than using $40 from my credit balance and $40 from Paypal.

Please advise the way around it?

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Reply to @londoner11: Fiverr really does things that way. The only way to use that $40 from your credit balance is to use it only for a $40 gig or less. You can ask that seller to give you two custom quotes of $40 (which will equal $80)… that way your remaining credit of $40 will be used and the remaining $40 will be taken from your paypal. 🙂

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