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Initiate "Fiverr Buyer Pro"


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While there is plenty of space for the seller to showcase their services. There is a lack of similar way to let sellers know who is buying and and how frequent in an overall picture.

In this regard I recommend the following - Introduce “Fiverr Buyer Pro”:

  • Connects Pro Buyers with Pro Sellers
  • Lets Pro sellers or otherwise, know what the buyer’s purchase profile is.
  • Allows Pro Sellers to see buyers statistics (by service - By country)
  • Introduce “Add-on scale” - a scale meant to let sellers know the propensity to which this Pro Buyer will add-on a service.

Please feel free to float around more ideas. I’m a frequent buyer, so I want something meant for us.


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Guest phantompower

The so called “Fiverr Buyer Pro” already exists but it called “Fiverr Top Buyer”

  • Why connect pro buyers and pro sellers? Buyers would have a hard time finding what they want because they have been connected to a specific group of sellers.
  • Not every buyer wants their profile made public because people might try to use the info and find a way to contact the buyer direct.
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Hi Phantom,

I was unaware of " Fiverr Top Buyer" thing. That is what I’m trying to say. Just need more geared toward buyer. Buyers want long-term relationships with quality vendors. The profile would be made only to Pro Sellers. Connect them because the seller more or less doesn’t want you to interfere in their style, they might not deal with you altogether if you make a “few” comments, then say: ‘if you want that go somewhere else’ Due to the fact they have many reviews.

Perhaps a unique review system should be in the “Pro” segment. That said, Fiverr already has a good setup and most vendors are good. I’m just adding my five cents 🙂

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