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Wandring Fiverr


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NOTE: I have moved your thread under the appropriate category (“Improve My Gig”) where it belongs to (for reaching the proper audience and get your gigs reviewed by forum members)

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It is great to see you here.

I would suggest narrowing down to one gig, so you can focus completely on it. Several of your gigs are real similar and you don’t want to spread out the orders and not have the leverage on 1 gig.

I would get 5-10 real people in your life to order your services on Fiverr. This will help prime the gig. People don’t want to be the first order.

I see potential in the market that you are in. After you reach 100 orders, you will be able to charge $200-$400 for these websites.

I would stay away from content writing. While your English is very good, it is clear that English is not your native language, so you may not be able to make the articles conversational. You also can get someone to proofread and reword your descriptions on your gigs. It your English sentence structure is weak, people may be concerned that you will not be able to communicate easily with them.

Best of luck!

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