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Sale/Discount feature


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This suggestion was actually inspired from Mr. @eoinfinnegan latest post When he said

With the holidays that are coming up in quick succession in the next couple of months, a little effort could pay off in a big way. Remember that specialization means you can charge a premium for it too!

Also, when you have a gig for say, Christmas - after Christmas just pause it and replace it with one for New Year, Valentines, Patrick’s day etc and then reactivate it the next year. You could cover most holidays and occasions in rotation and use only one or two gig slots.

So I was thinking of how I can create my holiday gigs as Mr.Eoin said. And came up my mind why don’t we have like a “Sale” feature where sellers can turn it on on their gigs for days like Black Friday and so on. And those who do, their gigs show in the “gigs on sale” category having the SALE badge for example.

What do you guys think about the idea? Please share your thoughts too.

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I like the idea but I think there would be a lot of people who would just pretend to have a sale on all the time. Perhaps there could be a limit to how many days per month or per year that we could have a sale?

Yeah exactly. I’m just pointing out the main idea. It needs to be studied and to choose best way to create this feature to not be abused.

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