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File transfer fatal flaws - Failure to preserve the original file names


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I have just recently discovered a fatal flaw in Fiverr’s file uploading and downloading systems, that is the system would automatically alter the file names during the transfer process. What I already find out is whenever the file name contains a plus sign “+”, it would be altered into an underscore sign “_” for example, a pdf file name as

Singapore_100939438_Swedish_Geetha YD_OH+.pdf

After you upload via Fiverr, it was altered into:

Singapore_100939438_Swedish_Geetha YD_OH_.pdf

The other one is whenever, the file name contains a period (i.e. a dot “.”) in the middle of the file names, the sign would be removed automatically, For example:


the system drop the dot between 9 and 13

Change it to:


This create a nuisance since our client require exact correct file name for their submission and their server will reject any tiny change in the file names.

I am sure for many video or audio files as well as various format files, people would use anyway to name their file in the way that convenient to them, and Fiverr’s system should totally respect that and not imposing on the change automatically like this.

I hope they can serious look into this problem and get it fixed ASAP. For now, since we have found out this problem, we have to use zip file to send back and forth in order to protect the integrity of the file names!

Hope someone from Fiverr technical team contact me about this and update me when it is resolved.

Garry Guan
Fiverr username: Rdscholar

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