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Regain Your lost Rating back!


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I’m not exactly sure about what i’m going to suggest so, if i’m wrong please correct me…

according to what i noticed about the total rating about a seller is it is calculated by total rating that you have got in all of your gigs (please correct me if i’m wrong )

let me further elaborate on this topic

lets say you have 3 gigs for seller and lets say the are A,B,C and below is the rating of them

A -> 100% -> 30 positive reviews

B -> 100% -> 20 positive reviews

c -> 96% -> 50 positive reviews and 2 negative reviews

so your total rating is calculated by this way

= ((30+20+50) -2)/(30 + 20 + 50) * 100

= 98/100 * 100 = 98%

so your overall rating is 98%

now you can see that since A, B and both are 100 if you can make C is also 100% then you get overall of 100%

(if i’m correct in the assumption)

Now lets see how you can make C => 100%

  • in all cases fiverr take round your rating to the nearest digit which means if you have got 80.6 then that is rounded to 81%

  • which means if you get 99.6 then you get 100% again

  • so based on that after a little calculation we can see that, if you have to “N” number of negative reviews at the moment for a gig then let say amount of positive reivews you have to get to make that gig 100% again is "P"

    then the equation is

    P = 250N

    so which means if you have get 2 negative reviews at the moment to get 100% positive rating again you have to

    get total of 250*2 = 500 positive reviews!!!

    Please give your thoughts about this, i’m not sure i’m correct so let us know what you think about this
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