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I need this seller gregoryo4u to back pleaseeeee


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i hope fiverr have phone numer of each seller to kept as private info.

its optional up to them if they want to give it or not.

but for who willing to give to fiverr then let it be.

in some case like me…they probably need to text/contact the seller maybe?

i know this sound silly…

but…u have no idea how im dying wanted this seller back.

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me

i need him

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nah…i never asked anyone personal info. but we all know, some web service let us to put phone number as personal info that only the webmaster can read/know it.

no need regular user to know it, but at least admin can contact them in urgent maybe? o.O whoaaa…

anyone who know him pls call him back >.>

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