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My Response Rate's in the Red


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Hi everyone,

I read (and understood) the FAQ on responses.

My response rate on the 14th was 100% and in the green.

Today It’s 50% and in the red.

I received messages from 3 prospective clients and responded to each one within 24 hours.

I will provide screenshots with time and date stamps.

The suggested similar topics (I read them) differ from my situation in that those members were unable to respond within 24 hours.

All I can think is that this is a bug. I cannot see what I’ve done incorrectly or in a tardy fashion. I turned down each prospective client, though, but as I understood the FAQ ( https://www.fiverr.com/academy/delivery-deadlines/response-time-rate-faq ) that has no bearing on my response rate.

I would appreciate any help or advice.

Below are all my screenshots. I have blacked out member names, project details, and any part of my gig mentions that may seem like advertising (which I understand is not allowed in this subforum).

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

And this is my current response rate:

Thank you.

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Hi there.

Did you receive a spam message recently, one of those inbox messages that are auto-blocked already by Fiverr when you see them?
Cause those technically should not count against your rate, but, as experienced by myself and others, they sometimes do,
there definitely is a bug there affecting some people.
If yes, report it to Customer Support - by means of a ticket, posting here is a good idea, but hardly will get you a result while a ticket most probably will as they probably will reset your rate;

if it´s not the case, and you replied to all your inbox messages and still your rate dropped, report it either way.

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