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Question Regarding Late Delivery Percentage

Guest jiadrawings

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Guest jiadrawings

Hello 🙂 I’m just a bit curious about this. I did read the FAQs and fiverr says it calculates the late deliveries within 60 days. Of all the 9 orders I have, I only delivered 1 order late (and this is by permission of the buyer by the way). I even sent a ‘dispute’ to extend delivery time which the buyer accepted. But when I checked my delivery rate, it says I only delivered 67% of my orders on time. 1 late delivery out of 9 already reduced my delivery rate to 67%? Also, in my ‘Orders’ page I do not have an order listed under ‘Late’. I assume it’s because my dispute was accepted. But why is my delivery rate still super low? And where did fiverr get the 67%?

I would appreciate if someone can explain this to me.

Thanks a lot 🙂

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