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Need Few Fixes in New Feature Available Now!


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First of all its a Great Morning here in Pakistan as after wakeup the first thing i saw it Available now feature which is amazing, but i was visiting the site to see how it works i found 2 glitches which i want to share i know may i don’t have experience more than the FIVERR team but its what i just felt when i first Land on the Page!
First of according to me “Now” icon should be in Green Color as Green Color is the sign of availablity and 2ndly it is coliding with Fiverr’s Choice Badge
Just to keep these issues in front of Team as i know it may be in BETA version and team is Working hard to make it more perfect than my thoughts

But i want my work space the Most Beautiful EVER 🙂

Shahaan Shaukat

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I got available now feature block.

I never missed new buyers questions, but i sometimes missed a friendly conversation messages.

Here is a screenshot where i did not respond a message and got block from this feature.
Ill try to explain this situation - i got order, delivered it, buyer wrote five stars review and left me a tip. I went to messages and wrote him “thanks”. And he answered me with a smile. And i did not write there nothing, because i thought our friendly conversation is over and i didnt want to be very annoying 🙂 But 5 minutes later i’ve been blocked in “availaible now” 😕

I think its very very strange and offensive. Fiverr developers should improve this feature 😕
And what do you think? 🙂

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Today I wake up this morning to find that I received a message from a client which is normal the odd thing that when I reviewed the notification it says that “you received an available now message respond within two-minutes to avoid being penalized” what is odd about this notification :
1- is that it sent even when my "Available Now "button was off and I was offline
2- What being penalized even mean? Does anyone have an answer to that,
Thanks in advance,

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Hi all,
I am a seller and I bought a gig on fiverr while the AVAILABLE NOW was on. The seller messaged me saying “I am working on it”, I saw the message on the mobile app and did not reply. Guess what, yes I was blocked from using AVAILABLE NOW feature because I did not reply to that message! ( I did not reply two time before so this was the third time)

My point here, according to the main goal of this feature is"

Blockquote Available Now is a new way to attract buyers by being online, ready to respond to messages, and being able to start orders right away.

So it is only for sellers to respond to buyers. When I (as a seller) buy something on fiverr, I become a buyer, right? So I have right to reply to my seller’s messages or not. This should be independent of my usage of AVAILABLE NOW feature as a seller.

This post is just to inform other sellers, and the admins, that the programming of this feature should be adjusted.


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