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Customer Service Horrible Experience


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I have had a great experience with every seller on here and I spend tons. However, i am on here so much I auto sign in. When I lost power because of the hurricane Irma, I had to log in and of course I long forgot my log in.
I contact customer service, I gave them the receipt from my bank stating I paid the seller and for how much. All they had to do was contact the seller to get my info and verify. But no, this person Rena just kept coming back asking me for some purchase ID. PayPal are the only ones that give you that. A detailed receipt should have been enough. I am still waiting. I created this account to get my work from the seller, thank God she remembers me,
This was an eye opener to the fact that they hide their corporate information. Israel, Washington which is an embassy and NY. SO where are they really?
I always had a great time with sellers and it’s helped me so much with my work but this could have been handled better. My launch is embarrassingly late now…
Anyone know what they are talking about a transaction ID from a bank???

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Hope situation around you improved after the hurricane. 🙂
Why don’t you simply reset your password with your e-mail :roll_eyes:
every time you do a purchase Fiverr sends you an invoice to your email, you can find that transiction id there.
Btw Fiverr have office in New York City, Chicago, Miami & San Francisco.

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