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InTheWhaleGamin(g)'s Introduction


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Whats So Special About Me?

I have lots of experience on the internet and know how to network online, especially on YouTube. Furthermore, I can create videos and edit them with ease since I have been doing them for my YouTube channel since 2014. But aside from that, I also blog in my free time, code HTML/CSS and JavaScript (I am currently learning Java). I am a renaissance man. I played sports in High School, joined clubs, was in musicals, was in The Civil Air Patrol, worked and did many other things. Overall I am a dedicated and hard worker, but I still love to have a good time!

What Services Do I Provide?

  • Video Creations
  • Video Editing
  • Blog Posts
  • User Testing
  • Basic Website Design (Still working on that)
  • Others

Why Pick Me Over Some Other Person?

Because I am young, affordable, intuitive, unique, intelligent, funny, and creative! I may be new to Fiverr, but I will provide you with the best content that I can, with the tools I have, to satisfy each customer.

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