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Is doing so allowed?


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Hello folks,

So I have a question regarding my web design gig. I’m not sure if doing so is allowed or not. However, I didn’t see any points in the ToS to answer my question. So I hope someone in here helps me out.

Is it allowed to send an affiliate link? To be more clear, I have signed with an affiliate program of a hosting company. Some of the buyers who come to me are in need of a hosting service to host their website. So I suggest them the service i’m affiliated with. They get special sale, and I get some cash for referring them to the service. It’s a win-win situation.

Is doing so allowed?Or it might harm my account? I didn’t yet provide any of my buyers with an affiliate link, but i’m looking forward to do so as it gives them special discounts.Unless doing such thing is not allowed.

Thank you for your time.

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Hey Yossef,

The forum mostly consists of buyers and sellers, it is best to contact the Fiverr customer support to give you more information regarding your question. 🙂

In my opinion, if they don’t get your personal information, it should be allowed. But I am not sure.

Thank you @gig_freak,

I’ll ask them about my situation. I just didn’t want to do that at the beginning so I don’t disturb them with a simple question. But since it seems as a confusing one, I’ll do ask them about it.

Thank you! 😄

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