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Need Help regarding withdrawal safety measures


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I’m working on a fiverr since 2015 and i withdraw my money through payoneer account, few months ago, my younger brother started work on it and earned some money and to withdraw them , he linked my payoneer account to his fiverr account. 1 day later, his account is disabled permanently and got the message ( you have more than one accounts on fiverr ,and all the accounts link to one withdrawal will also be disabled permanently.i’m afraid when brother told me. What should i do. ? i contacted to payoneer to remove all the funding source except mine. But feeling worry.

Any suggestion what should i do ?

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Your brother account is disableb but he transferred his money to payoneer account successfully ?

Yes, he transferred the money successfully, very next day after the withdrawal-account became disabled.

Actually, when he entered the withdrawal method to his account, same time he clicked fiverr revenue card and immediately make transaction from fiverr to payoneer.

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I would like to ask if it is obligatory the names of the holder of Payoneer card to be the same like in the profile information given.
I see that most of the people use nicknames and that make me think that it is not obligation, but I am afraid that if the data from my profile and the holder of Payoneer is different could have troubles with withdrawal.

I would be happy if someone can give an answer.
Have a nice day.

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