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Increase the number of characters for offers


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What’s up with the 800 characters limit when replying to buyer requests?

  • I don’t write about my work experience
  • I don’t even give examples of my previous work
  • I don’t use long openings

I simply try to address buyer’s request and most of the time I run out of characters.
For example, there was one request today where the buyer asked what can I do for his website. I opened up the website and it was a trainwreck. I started listing all the improvement opportunities and half way trough I run out of characters.

The list looked something like this

  • Your website is built on a free theme with very limited options and it hasn’t been updated for more than 2 years, so I’d start by moving your site to a more flexible premium theme such as Divi.
  • Secondly, I’d like to go over your brand guidelines such as color palette, fonts, infographics, images etc. to make sure there’s a consistent theme that represents your brand.
  • Then I’d restructure your content to support the sales funnel and simplify the navigation.

Together with a simple opening it’s almost half the characters right there. I can probably trim it a bit, but 800 characters is not enough.

Most of my offers end with “Sorry, I ran out of characters. If you’d like to discuss this project further with me then please send me a message.”

I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a limit because offer doesn’t need to be very detailed, but with just 800 chars you can’t really explain why buyers should choose you, especially if your price range is above average.

I’m sure some might think if everyone starts writing 2500 chars then it would be too time consuming to go through it, but you can stop reading if you’re not interested. If you see a template response then you can skip that.

I’ve thought about writing my offers to one of the allowed URLs and just sending the link, but I’m not sure how that plays out. Will see.

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That would also come in handy for vague requests that don’t specify what it is exactly that they need but are looking for someone that can do this and that.

That would also come in handy for vague requests

Exactly. Sometimes you need to ask a ton of questions before you can even make a realistic offer.

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