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Can I edit my featured gig or editing will suspend the featured status for the specific gig?


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Hello every one,
Its Hasnen here. I joined Fiverr in Jan 2017 and started working as a Branding Artist. In august I got my business stationery gig featured. Now the question is:
If I edit my Featured gig, will the editing remove the featured status of the gig?

Thank you for your time. I request if you have done it (I mean if its your personal experience) and telling me then its ok. But if you dont know and just answering it as a simple logic then please dont respond as the business stationery gig is the only gig which is generating the revenues for me on daily basis. On the top of this I dont have any other income source except fiverr. In fact I dont want to risk my gig status/revenues.

Looking forward to have expert opinion. Thanks

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There’s a lot of back and forth on this. Firstly, there’s no “official” word as to what gig edits actually do to the placement or status of your gigs. Some will swear that any manipulations to your gig will result in displacement while others believe this is a myth.
There’s also no exact explanation for which changes trigger the algorithm switch.

I personally manipulated my strongest selling gig a week ago. It vanished from the spots where it ranked in search. I reported this as a bug and it was promptly returned. Don’t look at this, however, as a formula to manipulating gigs because it could be against protocol and a lucky break on my part.

Based on that experience, I wouldn’t change it again. FAQ’s don’t seem to alter the status. If you have additional information to add - you may want to consider doing it there. If you plan to add features or options, consider making that an additional or “premium” gig.

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