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My Suggestion: Fiverr Magazine! How will it work?


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Hi All,

I have an idea to suggest to fiverr team. If fiverr start a Digital magazine featuring with the best and latest trendy gigs.

So my thought is: Fiverr Digital Magazine which has to be targeted to SMEs and High profile Companies.

The Magazine should include:

  1. CEO’s Note with FIverr updates and Latest news
  2. High quality Gigs with all level sellers who are offering exclusive and very professional services
  3. Inspiring Stories from Top Rated Sellers and Fiverr Pro Sellers
  4. Few Small ads of Best selling GIGS
  5. Tips to new sellers and buyers and TOS of fiverr
  6. Q&A with Best sellers of the month
  7. What fiverr makes the difference Few Buyer’s Perspective

This is my general Thought. All your suggestions and tips are welcome.

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Sounds a bit like a blog, and a forum, and a podcast, and the academy all rolled into one, and they’ve got those already. 😉

True, but I rarely read the blog, I rarely listen to the podcasts and wished the main points were written somewhere… and I love magazines 😍

and they’ve got those already

But those are spread all over the place - wouldn’t it be nice to have them all summarized in one beautiful magazine? 😍

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Magazines are one of the best way to show all of the topics covered in a single Magazine. It is also fun and most of the business people read magazines. As fiverr is a well known global company and people would like to read all of the topics in a single place.

So i hope magazine is one of the best option.

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