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Terrible Buyer Just Hit Me


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They ordered my gig 3 times by accident but didn’t bother to cancel it, they instead said what they wanted from my gig without even providing me with their picture to edit. I asked them to attach their image to be edited and they said they have already done it, even though I didn’t receive anything. Next morning they send me a BLURRY, iPhone shot of their computer screen of the image they want edited in photoshop, Well how did I go about this? I edited it to the best of my abilities, given the photo is a shaken iphone shot of a COMPUTER SCREEN! Seriously I can’t get over this!! Once I finished it, I sent it to them as a sample of my work. They left me negative feedback and a terrible comment and “expected” a refund ARE YOU SERIOUS? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO REFUND YOU ONCE YOU LEFT NEGATIVE FEEDBACK??? WHAT??. I would have gladly done the job again in order to satisfy them. What can I do now? I’ve already contacted fiverr support, but damn there are some TERRIBLE buyers on Fiverr. This *** hole buyer brought my rating to 75%, totally uncalled for. ARGGG!! Anyone else has had a problem this stupid?


Btw, Ive linked the image that the buyer sent me to “Edit” on photoshop. Photoshop Pros; what do you think about this?

An iphone shot? At least keep your hand still!


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I have a gig for editing photos, and I would never accept to work with a photo of this quality, simply because it’s so bad, that you could offer 1000 revisions and it would still look terrible.

It’s a pity some buyers do that on purpose, I guess they’re happy to do that to other people? It’s a shame, some sellers rely on fiverr for their income.

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