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Is It Possible To Make 1K/Month?

Guest kelbel992

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Guest kelbel992

Hi All,

I have a Virtual Assistant gig that gets pretty regular orders for only being 2 months on the website. However, the past 2 months my total in sales has reached around $270 only. As a side gig, thats not bad but I would love to start making at least 1k monthly.

I understand with my gig category its not very feasible to set my price range higher, as the buyer would then just go to another seller who would do the gig for literal peanuts. As a professional with a full time manager position in real estate its hard to accept such small payments for my gigs.

Custom orders have been a great option but the highest I could ever get accepted was a $35 gig for a moderate excel job.

Any advice for people with Virtual Assistant gigs?

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