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Cartoon Portrait VS Real Image? Need Suggestions


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Hello to all Fiverrians.🙂

I am new. I am researching & studying Fiverr,Fiverr forum.

I want to know which one is good or effective for profile Image?

Is it cartoon portrait Or Real Image?

I need all of your suggestions.


I don’t think it makes any difference TBH - as long as it’s not a pic of a celebrity or a stock image.

You’ll only make more sales when you’ve got active gigs of course! ☀️

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Thanks guy’s…

@offlinehelpers, @damooch916, @exdesigns, @lloydsolutions

But tell me about my cartoon portrait?

Is this look professional,good?🙂

Is this look professional,good?🙂


I think your profile picture looks very professional!

Personally, I think anyone selling illustration gigs should have a cartoon picture as an avatar - as a showcase of their talent. Anyone selling logo should have a custom logo as an avatar - again, to showcase their talent.

You don’t have any gigs yet. Are you planning to become a seller? Just curious!

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