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So I got a message from a person asking me how much it would cost and how long it would take to finish a certain file. I told her I will need to look at the file first in order to get a clear and also provide her with a clear quote. I’m guessing this goes with a lot of other translators here too, but even though I do have a basic guideline for the rating and they are clearly mentioned in my gig description, the rating could change depending on the contents rather than the amount of words.

She said she’ll get back to me, and several minutes later she message me again with a word file attached to her message. I tried opening, it, some error occurred and I couldn’t open it. We went back and forth a few times but with no success, so she finally decided to copy/paste the contents in the message box directly, and I was finally able to take a look at the contents.

BTW she was not a native speaker, but I think her English was very good and she had no problems getting her point across.

I checked the contents, and replied to her with my quote.
Her reply:

“That’s too expensive dear.”

You’re throwing in the “dear” now!?
That caught me off guard, I was NOT expecting a “dear” that far into our conversation
since until then she never addressed me as “dear.”

Not sure what her intentions were ( not even sure if there were any!) but I felt like it was so strange that she used “dear” at the very end.

Well I guess she was trying to be nice.
Hopefully she has found another translator who can work within her budget.

I dunno, for some reason the dear at the end really felt strange I had to let it out here. 😅

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Maybe she just decide to be polite, so price can be a little smaller…but, who knows, what is ‘behind the wall’… 😉

Patience is the strongest language…


I told her the lowest I can go was minus $5 the original offer, but it wasn’t low enough for her.

Well at least she didn’t snap back at me, that’s good for sure.

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I dunno, it’s seems rather condescending to me.

“Hello, dear,” is trying to be nice but in that context, it feels like she was trying to “put someone in their place,” tone 😦

“put someone in their place,”

haha I was going to say the same.

Just move on, you are clearly ´´not a good fit´´ for her.

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