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A journey from a beginner to level 2 seller


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Reading the success stories of people here on Fiverr, I always thought how would I become a successful freelancer like they are? This thought always provoked me to think of different ways to make my gigs look more professional and catchy.

On every meeting with my friend, who was a top-rated seller on Fiverr, I always pictured myself in the place of him sitting on a table of the university’s library and completing yet another Fiverr order. He was an inspiration to me. He was only 20 years old back then and was doing great by making good money per month and was able to support his family and that is what I loved about him.

Sitting beside my best friend and watching him doing a Fiverr order, one day he asked me if I am getting any orders on Fiverr and then I told him that it is not very easy to build buyer’s trust. He suggested me to start with Fiverr again and revamp my gigs by making the content more professional and uploading good quality gig pictures and by sharing my gig to other social media networks. He suggested me to stay online 24/7 hours and send buyer request to people who are looking for sellers to get their work done. And there I was. This small tip was enough for me to get started with Fiverr. After coming home from university, I did the same thing and start sending gig offers to people and at exactly 4:00am in the morning I received an order. I completed the order in less than 2 hours and submitted it, the buyer was happy and satisfied and he gave 5-star rating to me. This was just the start of my successful journey on Fiverr. The one 5-star rating change my life, I started getting more orders and more and sometimes 3 orders a day. I also started adding new gigs to my profile like graphic designing, social media marketing along with website content writing etc. Only in a month I was promoted to level 1 seller and after some months I was finally promoted to level 2 seller. I must say that it was a dream come true moment for me and it was because of my hard work and a real support of my best friend Faizanazam and Team Fiverr, I was able to achieve what I wanted. The key of my success is to provide high quality and professional work before the deadline to customers.

Yes, it can be quite difficult to balance freelancing with academics but you have to get that passion ignited within you. All you need is self-determination and the support of your loved ones.

Tips for Fresh Sellers

  1. Make your gig look professional and attractive. Try not to make any grammatical mistake in the content. Provide original content and clearly mention the services you will offer. Do provide market competitive offers.
  2. Be professional and decent while talking to the sellers, don’t use abusive language and don’t be rude even if the seller is wrong. Always remember, the customer is always right.
  3. Try to be online 24/7 hours and maintain your response rate. You’ll get more orders when your response rate is greater than 95%.
  4. Give discounts to your old buyers, this way they will always get their work done from you.
  5. Try your level best to submit the correct work before the deadline, this way you will definitely get a good rating on your profile.

You guys can always approach me, if you want more tips. Good luck 😊

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