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Placed 2 orders that aren't showing up to the seller!


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I placed two orders to 2 different sellers using PayPal as the method. Usually I get asked questions to personalize my order after payment but I did not receive that this time. Nothing shows up in my orders and the sellers tell me they received NOTHING. I placed one of the orders a second time hoping that it would work but it has not. The seller says I need to answer questions about my order to complete it, but when I go to my orders NOTHING shows up. Can anyone help me figure this out?? I’ve already checked and the money was taken out of my PayPal. I’m extremely disappointed because I have to wait for this to be resolved for the sellers to even start on my order, even though I’ve already paid.

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Dear taylorsmith675,
Firstly, you have to calm down and know that whatever the problem is, the support team can always handle it.

Secondly, go back to Buying > Orders> Missing Details.

Contacts > My Sellers

If this does not solve your problem, contact support immediately.
Thank you!

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Hi netcastle! Thanks for your your reply. When I go to My Sellers it says: You Have Yet To Order Any Gigs …
And when I go to orders it says: No conversations to show…
I’ve already contacted Customer Support. I’m just wondering how long it will take them to resolve this. It’s frustrating I’ve already paid for these orders, yet the sellers are unable to start on it yet since they haven’t received my orders.

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Never mind dear, Fiverr does not take long to respond to users especially buyers. Just be patient for a while and it would be resolved. Before then, just keep an eye on your page, it could be resolved with time.

Sorry for that delay though. Regards.

Ok thank you. I’ve just been uneasy about it because I seen topics from other people with the same issues and they said it was going on 9 days with no resolution.

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I’m honestly disappointed 😦

Joey Yesterday at 19:04

Thank you for contacting us and bringing this issue to our attention. I see that the payments have not created orders at this time. I’ve forwarded this issue to our Finance Team for further review as soon as we receive an update on the issue, we will follow up with you on this ticket. Thank you for your patience.
Joey | Fiverr Customer Support

taylorsmith675 Yesterday at 19:14
Thanks Joey! I appreciate it. If the issue was because I paid with PayPal and there was an error with communication between PayPal and Fiverr then maybe you guys can just credit me the money like a Fiverr gift card, or credit so I can re-purchase the Gigs on the website. I just want to complete these orders as soon as possible. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yesterday at 23:49
I just attempted to order another gig on my husbands account and it also is having the same problem. I thought this would be resolved today. Can you please just credit my account or give a gift card for the money I’ve spent. Because the issue seems to be with PayPal, since I’ve never had this issue placing an order using a debit card. I don’t want to be rude but I’m becoming very impatient since this still has not been resolved and Fiverr received payment for Gigs that can’t even be started yet.

Eddie Today at 10:57

We’ve reviewed this further on our end and it appears that the transactions are currently under review by PayPal. Please allow 24 hours for that review to be completed by them. If you do not see any changes on your Fiverr account after this period, please let us know to review this further.
Eddie | Fiverr Customer Support

taylorsmith675 Today at 10:59
The money has already been taken out of my PayPal account and is NOT pending. This doesn’t make any sense at all.

taylorsmith675 Today at 11:03
Eddie please continue to review this further. Because I’ve already called PayPal and they assured me the payments were already processed!!

Eddie Today at 11:24
The information that was provided to you in my last response was provided to you by our Finance team. This information is not available to the support agents. We can request for the transaction to be refunded but we cannot expedite this on our end.
Eddie | Fiverr Customer Support

taylorsmith675 Today at 11:41
What about my orders? How will my orders be processed? Can you just credit my account the money I spent so that I can reorder? Because clearly the issue is with using PayPal as payment. Some type of communication error between Fivver and PayPal. I don’t have any other way to pay at the moment besides PayPal. So can you PLEASE credit my account the money so that I can repurchase these Gigs and go ahead and get my orders started.

taylorsmith675 Today at 11:45
Eddie please don’t leave 😦 I just need you guys to make this right. I’ve been waiting so long to get my orders started. It’s frustrating. Please just credit my account the money so I can reorder these Gigs.

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