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Earned $10,000 on fiverr in 7.5 Months and Incorporated my own business!


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Hi all, I’m really excited to share this with you all that i have earned $10000+ on fiverr with 220+ orders recently and i’m really happy with fiverr !

I’m a Profesional Web Developer & Designer, Founder/ CEO of devGraphix, started my own company with the help of fiverr !

Thank you so much fiverr for giving me a platform to earn with my skills and expertise !

To all the new sellers on fiverr, i wish you a very good luck and always keep up the good work ! Provide unlimited revisions to make your clients happy until they are satisfied ! You will be tipped great if you do great work ! I personally have gotten a maxium of $100 on a single order !

Also, always deliver your orders in time ! If you have many orders and there is an order on which you haven’t even started yet , then you should at least submit a first draft and telling your buyer that they can ask for revisions on it ! It’s good to submit at least one draft then mis-using the delivery button and giving lame excuses that you weren’t able to work and bla bla…don’t ever do that !

And, never ever share your personal Information with any client ! Always stick to the fiverr TOS.

happy selling !

Akshay Sihag
(Founder/CEO of devGraphix and Web Developer/Designer)

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