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Should I be feeling like I got ripped off or do I have time?


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Hey everyone,

I ordered a large amount of “FB LIKES” for my Business Page and after paying $10.00 for the order, the Seller sent me a message thanking me for my order and that they would work to the best of their ability to provide what I asked for.

Here’s where I’m feeling like I may have been ripped off…

Before I received a single LIKE, the seller “REQUIRED” I leave a thumbs up Rating before the work was even completed.

His reason for this requirement was due to past experiences of Buyers leaving bad reviews even after the job he did was completed satisfactorily. Now, in order for me to leave a good rating, they had to mark the job as being done.

So if the job is marked off as done, does this mean he already has my money?

My order still says …“This order will be marked as complete in 3 days.” Does this mean Fiverr hasn’t paid him yet and there’s time to cancel?

Hoping for the best!

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Guest matt_garry

you can change you’re feedback anyway so if he doesn’t deliver you can still give him a thumbs down. That being said you should never have to complete an order without delivery unless you have time restraints.

I do feel for the seller because anyone selling likes or views or what ever can’t control people they can direct them to you’re page but you can’t force a horse to drink you know what I mean. This guy mite work extremely hard but not get the results people want and probably has suffered from this in the past.

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Thanks Matt! I hear what you’re saying, but my gut is telling me somethings not right here. If you read what he says in the attachment above, he specifically states that the order can take up to 15 days to process due to heavy volume and so on and so forth.

As luck would have it, I just finished reading a post on “How does a seller get paid” in one of the forums and it’s kind of coincidental that he expects or wants me to wait exactly 15 days for delivery??

Here’s the forum excerpt… It’s the Fiverr explanation on sellers getting paid…

"A delivery notification will be sent to your buyer automatically to confirm that the the order was delivered. Once the order is marked as complete, the order will begin to clear for 14 days to insure Buyer’s satisfaction and financial processing. After 14 days, you can withdraw the cleared revenue to Paypal or to your Fiverr Revenue Card."

Something smells fishy and I’m just going to cancel the order now. It’s only ten bucks, but I would hate feeling like I got ripped off.

Thanks again for your opinion bud.

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You only have a short window to change your feedback. Do not comply with this seller. Contact Customer Support and let them know that the seller is requiring positive feedback prior to “actual” delivery. Cancel if possible or ask Customer Support to cancel the orders so your money is refunded and you can choose a better seller. There are so many other trustworthy sellers. Good luck! 🙂

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