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Rules for giving out your website


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Hey all, wondering if anyone knows the official answer for this.

When offering my gigs I get plenty of emails from people asking about my services. this almost always leads to them having to go to my website. IF they purchase my gig I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to give them my website url for them to confirm delivery. When i type in the website name I do not get any flags. Am I allowed to put the actual website in my ad being that they will have to go there regardless? I dont want to break any rules and I dont see that this is not allowed but ive heard of people getting into trouble even tho rules sometimes are not clear. Anyone have a definite answer on this?


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Do… Not…Do It! At least do not put it in your gig description, gig video, or have it anywhere in your samples.

Fiverr does not want anyone doing business outside of Fiverr.

You can contact CS, and may get permission, but then another content editor can go over your gig without knowing XYZ and penalize you by either suspending your account or deleting your gig.

Don’t compromise your account for any reason.

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