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Fiverr my personal story


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Ever since I can remember myself I’ve always dreamed to become a music producer, to play music, to write lyrics and melodies and to produce a full song from start to finish. In order for me to achieve this dream I taught myself how to read notes, how to play on the guitar and keyboard and started my way at the music world. As a child my first steps in the music production were to just cut and paste songs from my tapes collection and mixing up different styles. Years later, I opened up a small home studio that enabled me to write and produce many singles and hits such as “Love Again” “If You Ever” “2 Love”. I also produced many remixes like “Where Do You Go” by No Mercy and many more. My studio gave me the chance to collaborate with various artists around the world but I wanted to find the right platform for me to get access to a wider audience and artists I couldn’t find on my own. I wanted to expand my horizons and to be able to earn money and make a living from your skills and passion.
From a small talk on an unrelated topic with my brother, I got to know Fiverr. He exposed me to Fiverr and told me all about this amazing platform he knew as a buyer. That was the exact thing I was searching to expand my business and I’ve opened an account with my studio name “Avri Music” right away.
Ever since my first entry to the site at May 2016, me and my wife, as a team, working hard everyday to give our costumers the best quality audio related products with a great customer service experience like we believe it should be. We love to see and get feedback from our buyers and to always improve our services. We strive to bring our creativity and skills in every gig and every sale we have.
We are hoping to do more business at Fiverr and to grow and better expand our services at the site. We think it’s a great platform to get to know other artists, clients and people and we recommend the site to everyone whenever we get the chance.


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