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Changes to gig title or keywords


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All my gigs for the past few days are in the reds in the impressions, views and clicks.

I haven’t been attracting high impressions on my gigs as my top gig had around 3.2k impressions and the next best being 1.1k.

Since the past few days I don’t think I’ve been attracting any impressions, I see my top gig getting down to 2.7K. Some days ago it was in page 2 and another gig in page 3. Now I don’t see them when I moved even to page 5 searching for it.

If I change the keywords or title, does it reset the page rank?

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Guest explainicks

Thank you

Does it effect the page rank of gigs after I make any changes?

it will take 3 days to update with new keywords and to be placed in search results as per new keywords

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Guest pedromleitao

Yes thats really necessary

Try to use unique and user friendly words

“Friendly words” - you for real? XD Friendly words?

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