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How to be a successful freelancer on fiverr?


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From my experience:

  • Always learn new skills, keep your knowledge updated, do tests on your new services multiple times before offering them.

  • Create professional gig photos, very clear description, and FAQ.
    Irrelevant tags and unclear description could make many buyers send you questions about what you offer and with fewer sales.

  • Be clear and honest and buyers will like you, and many will depend on you, even you can make new great friends, I have buyers that we consider each other friends for years.

  • Be quick as much as you can in replying, especially new messages.

  • Be patient and nice as possible. I prefer formal conversation (especially at first), you cannot expect what kind of buyer you are dealing with, some are very nice, some can get angry easily with little miscommunication.
    Text communication is one of the hardest types of human communication (unlike facial and verbal), so alway try to be very clear and detailed when required.

  • Add new things in your gigs, very similar gigs do not get much sales or clicks, not necessarily to be a completely creative new gig, but offer additionals, improvements, or better prices.

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