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Dear Buyers, You're Sellers Too


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Dear Buyers,

We sellers see you, we help many of you, promote your craft, product, service or trade. Often times many buyers will send a private INBOX note of thanks - when its the OUTWARD posted reviews that drew you in the first place.

Reciprocation goes a long way (it’s the same thing you’re seeking from your personal gigs too!!!) Boomerang.

So you ordered a gig and maybe it wasn’t all you hoped… it happens. Have you every worked a job where you had to revise or modify something in your offline life? Boss every come and say: “Do this over?” Did you up and quit? Or give the silent treatment? What about if it were a cold meal or wrinkled garment fresh from the cleaners, you’d go back tell that service yes?

Does it bug you when you walk into any type of store and that person hands you back your receipt or change and doesn’t say “thanks.” Well that’s how Sellers feel, when a buyer just walks out the store.

We all serve in some fashion or the next. Just remember, sellers are humans too, taking the time just like you!

But you know it, we’re all human here 🙂

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