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Discouraged by New fiverr


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If you are waiting on traffic that is already on this site to “find” you, you may be waiting a long time. Especially if you are offering a Gig that many others are, or are buried back in the search.

You need to look at Fiverr as a shopping mall of sorts: You lease a store and that is your 20% you give Fiverr for whatever you sell. Sure, there are people who come to the mall to buy something from another store, but, they may happen upon your store and purchase from you as well. This works if they are in the neck of the mall that has your store! This would also be considered waiting on “organic traffic” that Fiverr brings to the site. It is up to you to reach out and get your Gig known OFF the Fiverr site. What are you actively doing to bring unique clients to YOUR Gig page? This is what you should be focusing on. You may have had a decent amount of orders when you first started as Fiverr tends to place newbies near the front so they get more exposure and the ability to get clients - after that “new” period wears off, it is up to you to either retain old clients or go out and get new ones in addition to the organic traffic that may wander by your listing and decide to purchase.

Yes, it can be frustrating. I have gone at times for days without an order, and then I will have multiples. I would have more orders if I blogged and did the things that get your name out there, but, I do readings on many sites and they pay me by the minute, not by the job… LOL So, I make that $4 in two minutes of chat or talking on the phone with someone compared to $4 to write up a reading for 20 min or more depending on the content. So, you see why I am not in a hurry to send people here first.

I wish Fiverr had an affiliate program. I would feel more incentive to send people here.


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