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How can i Get order & how can i rank my Gigs?

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Clarke: Yes, that is correct. Fiverr Academy is our repository for educational content for sellers, primarily for sellers. We do do some buyer phasing content as well but as you both know so well, there are just a ton of different tools and features on Fiverr and sellers really need a place to get kind of nitty-gritty details and tips about how to use them to the best advantage and also sort of more general best practices for being a freelancer, running your business online. You know, dealing with client-related issues.

So Fiverr Academy is a nice complement to our wonderful customer support resources that we have and we want to provide our community with as many places as possible, to get as much information as possible about how to really make a big impact on Fiverr.

Ryan: I think the great thing looking through the academy is it’s great for any level of seller. I mean from people who just joined all the way to super sellers, there’s something for everybody. Was that the intention when it was developed? Do you think that you’re going to go more in direction with new sellers or for experienced sellers? What’s your plan moving forward with that?

Clarke: That is such a good question. So I think we really like to give our new sellers as much – many resources as possible and as much kind of handholding as possible during those crucial initial first steps of selling on Fiverr.

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» Apply buyer request daily

» Calling people “Dear”

» Install Mobile App

» Always be online

I’d say that calling people “dear” can be a bad idea, as a lot of people find it very off-putting.

I’m on mobile and too lazy to find the exact thread, but feel free to go search up the thread “Calling people dear”. It addresses how a lot of people feel about it.

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