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Fiverr business cards for free 1st time, 50% off second order-but where to get that 2nd offer?


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I was wondering where people have gone to get the 50% discount promise for a second order of fiverr business cards? I already got my first 50 free fiverr business cards and loved them, but almost all out! I wanted to buy more, but when I click on the option “Business Cards” on the right side in V2, it takes me to where you can get your free fiverr business cards…I first thought it would automatically recognize I had already gotten my free cards and charge me with regular price but give me the 50% discount. I only got red letters saying, “play nice, you’ve already gotten your free cards”. When in reality I wasn’t trying to cheat the system, I really want to order more fiverr cards, but with the 50% discount fiverr says I will get for ordering more. Does anyone know where to go for this? Or is there a promo code I didn’t see you can place with your oder for the 50% discount when you go straight to MOO instead of going to MOO through fiverr? Any advice will be much appreciated, thanks!

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