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Possible to reverse the direction of project initiation

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Im new here so I don’t know if this is possible or if it’s been discussed many times. I’ve been using fiverr a bit recently for producing music and I love the talented people I’ve met and worked with. I think I’ve been very lucky to get very high value results from very talented people who I’ve met through fiverr.

My problem is that I feel that reversing the direction of the workflow, by posting my project and getting bids from freelancers, could potentially yield even better quality results by opening up the social channel to people who have a lot to offer my project that I may not see or understand by browsing their profiles. I don’t think either direction of asserting collaboration is mutually exclusive. If I could post a rough mix of my song, and I could say, I need a rapper at this mark, a singer at this mark, a duet here, a bass guitar here, etc… then I could browse profiles and point people toward my project, and others could see my project, who I may not have seen. It would give talented people the chance to say, oh, I really feel the vibe on this project, or that they may not think it’s their style or that they may not want to work on the project. In my current experience, I feel like I just submit my project to someone who I think is good, but they have not seen or heard my project and they may feel pressure to produce something that they aren’t really proud of or into. Several times people have told me flat out that they don’t think they are the right person for the job, and I appreciate that, but it’s not until we are well within the workflow that that this conversation takes place, and it’s still awkward.

So if this is possible or I’m doing something wrong, please help me understand. but if not, maybe there is an opportunity to add a feature that can improve the experience.

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