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Looking for music promotion


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Is there anyone here that would be interested in doing a 50/50 split on profits?

About me, I’m an Independent Rock/Hard Rock artist…I SUCK at music promotion. This is where you would come in! I would love to collab with someone that is credible and has a proven track record with music promotion. Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud, Website SEO, etc… I am working on a new album and have 5 songs so far. I have a professional studio…just need a teammate to help me with marketing. I know there are some extremely talented people here and I would be crazy not to give this a shot…however long it may be.

I really believe that my music will sell if promoted correctly and promoted within the correct genre. If this is something you are interested in let me know! We can talk offline. I would like to meet you first so I know you aren’t a crazy person!

Here is a link to my website if you want to take a quick listen to what I’ve done so far. https:www.keithheimericks.com



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