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Fiverr 2 - can giggers graphics and names be linked to their gigs during and after


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Love look and style of new site.

Is anyone else finding it difficult to find the gigger’s page during or after a gig - for communicating or getting another gig from them? The old version had a link to the sellers page with a click on their pic or text - making it faster and easier find them to rate or communicate.

I often find myself bee bopping between gig communications when I have lots going on… Especially when working between more than one seller at a time in any given moment and lose your posting you started and haven’t finished - when you had to multi-task to another gig that is a sub product of a larger project being produced - coordinating on fiver between sellers - real quick to ask another seller ques to or get gig to send to next gigger to do next step or something else with and between sellers - relating gigs to same project.

I miss that feature immensely - so much so - I haven’t done as much business as I use to in one day - to avoid the stress of losing, confusing, can’t find where I was between 3 or 4 conversations during an hour or so. Need to easily click on to do’s or on completed or pending - the link to communicate with the seller.

Is that something that can be added to make the site more user friendly for easily linking to multi giggers at one time just clicking on delivered, pending, or conversing with name or graphic?

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