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Something to Consider about Promising More Sales


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Hi Buyers,

Thanks for being here. Without you, this site does not give us sellers life. One thing to ponder, and feel free to weigh in, but when you offer us business, or me anyway, and then you cap it off with an offer for me sales if I do well, I do not care for that. Try my work first. If you love it, lets talk about doing more work together. The carrot on a stick feeling of more sales turns me off. It makes me thing you want me to work for you and are going to promise something that may not happen. We can not predict the future. I may not be able to do more work for you or like working for you, and you may wind up finding someone else or not liking my work. Gives us the job and let us nail it.


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Hi Sellers,

Thank you for being here. Without you, we would have to find some expensive companies who would overcharge us, or we would struggle selecting one from a pool of hundreds who bid with mad unrealistic offers. We’ll give you the job hoping you’ll nail it for us at more affordable prices.

Suffice to say that sellers and buyers are equal to me, and one cannot be without the other 🙂

Sorry if I was a tad offtopic… I just had to say that out loud.

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