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Should I delete my account and start fresh?


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When I first started working on Fiverr, I was in my last years of high school and I honestly didn’t know what I was getting into. I started slow but then when the orders picked up a little bit, I started struggling to complete them on time because I considered my studies as my priority.

Because of this, I received a couple of negative reviews which brought my rating down a little. Do you think that it’s worth it to continue using this account or should I just delete it and start fresh with a new account? :-S

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I don’t know if the rating increases as you get more positive reviews, CS should be able to answer that question. If your negative reviews are for being late, I think buyers will understand that. In the future offer a realistic delivery date, besides, someone that delivers in 2-days won’t get paid to deliver in 1-day. It’s psychological, the buyer has to ask himself “do I wait 3, 5, 7 days to get it or do I pay extra to get it in 24-hours.” Some buyers even charge extra to deliver in 2-days, which I think it’s ridiculous, but then again, the market always decides what works and what doesn’t.

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Hi stesim 🙂

You can not delete your account unless you ask customer support and you can have only one account as you know.

If you want to delete your account and start fresh, I suggest that you first send a message to those of your buyers who have been 100% satisfied with your work and said they would come back, and let them know your new username on Fiverr (for that you need to first check if the new username you want to use is available). Or you can use a username like ‘stesim2’ so they may find you (maybe).

If you keep your current account, I think that you could delete the gigs that haven’t done well and make new ones with that same offer. That will not change your rating today but these gigs would be ‘fresh’. Your general rating will change when you will have made many sales with 5 stars overall.

In any case it is always good to refresh the gigs’ descriptions noting that you are now more qualified and make gig-videos for all.

I hope that helped

all the best


PS: About what fastcopywriter notes above, in my case I do charge extra for fast delivery in 2 days for my voice-over gig, and that has worked. And I have been payed to deliver in 24 hours for a gig of 2-days normal delivery. So, as usual, it depends on what you offer, how unique it is and what is needed by the buyer at a certain time.

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