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How to add a buy button


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Hi Everyone

I am new here and just uploaded my first gig. My status says active but I cant find it in any listings and I dont have a buy button or order extra gigs page.

Any help really appreciated, is it just me or is this set up quite confusing with no help or FAQ



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Hi David, welcome to Fiverr! Here are a couple of things to note when you first start. Before you can have extras you need to be at least a level 1 seller. Check out the details on levels at http://fiverr.com/levels Also, make sure you know exactly what category and sub category your gig is under to find it under the “new” section of the category. When you preview your gig, you can copy the url link and share it with friends. If you’re signed in, you won’t see a “buy” button, but if you sign out and go to the url of your gig, you’ll see an order button in place of where you saw the “edit gig” button before. Essentially, if your gig is active, it is up on Fiverr, ready to receive buyers! Hope this helps!


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