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Any good reason to remove notifications on old fiverr?


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They pretend to listen to their users - but they never do. I don’t see any 5rr team member posting regularly on this suggestion forum.

they only like to post consistently on fb and twitter on how ‘COOL’ they’re and how people love them! but never respond to users real concern. This is not the first time…

here’s a tweet from a user that show what I mean:

t*********m owRu5UmW_400x400.jpg

Fiverr (fiverr)

@shahzadsaeed Thanks for your feedback. Do you have any suggestions for New Fiverr notifications, we would love to heat. Thanks.
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Its really frustrating that they’ve removed it without listening to feedback and creating a decent notification system on v2. It takes twice as long to go through notifications now and alot of them get lost = unhappy customers. Myself and others have left constructive feedback on the new notification system but nothing seems to have been done about it

You would have thought they would have kept it till something was done about poor system in v2. It doesn’t make sense. I wonder if anyones listening ??? :s

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