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Overdeliver. Hmmmm. Do you?


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Ha ha.

Well. I have a gig extra for express delivery. But I always try and clear my que as fast as I can, so most times people get the ‘Express’ part for free. I guess in that sense I over deliver. Never thought of it that way.

I guess in the end, over delivery or not the quality of work is what makes or breaks you.

@madmoo. That’s funny. We’re near exactly the same in numbers. And by near exactly I mean 2 orders off. 🙂 - That speaks for itself in all cases I think!

Moral of this post for any new sellers that may be reading. It doesn’t matter if you over deliver or not. The quality of whatever work you do speaks for itself as does your professionalism dealing with new and old clients. Keep it top-notch and sooner or later you’ll be rewarded. It’s never a matter of if, and always a matter of when.

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