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Ugh so close to level 2! Articles on sale!


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I need three sales to promote to level 2, so I’m offering a special for the first three people that contact me:

One gig - 500 words (up from 400)

$10 extra - +2 more 400 word articles AND +1 500 word article (up from +1 400 and +1 500)

Get in on this article sale while it’s around! Only three customers can get the sale!


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saw this written on your gig description ‘’ I’ve had several people offer “more work in the future if they like the work” : I appreciate the gesture but I work at a consistently high level! No need to attach a carrot on the string, it won’t make your awesome article any more awesome! "

LOL. Well said! I have seen buyers like them before and it is just so annoying when they try to get more out of that $5

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