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Celebrating Two Million Amazing Gigs!


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Have you heard the news? Fiverr has reached two million Gigs, and it’s all thanks to you.

Together, we’ve come so far in just three years and we want to thank you for helping us create a marketplace that represents the best of the Gig Economy.

It is thanks to creative, independent sellers who are achieving financial independence on their own terms and our loyal buyers that enable Fiverr to continue to grow, that we’re able to celebrate today.

Thank you Fiverr community!

See your achievement on our animated map.

Learn more about what this milestone means with our infographic.

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It is an Honor and I mean Words Cannot Express how Happy I am to be a part of this Community. Fiverr is not just a revenue steam for a lot of us. It’s a home, a place where we can come to share ideas, thoughts, rants, laughs and even the occasional cry. To the Admins, the Owners, Our local Sherif bachas85 and others…Keep up the Wonderful Work and we thank you for your continued Support.

Oh Lest we not Forget the best for Last…Customer Service for being there for us despite our rants and rages…lol

If I have forgotten anyone else forgive me…Haven’t been a Fiverr Member as long as I should have been.


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I’ve been a long time buyer on Fiverr way back on its infancy. Silly me…I never thought it would create such a large economy & provide full-time income to thousands of people.

How I wish I started offering my graphic design services way back then. Duh.

Congratulations again! More power to Fiverr!

-Valiant Graphics

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Guest onlinedukan

congratulation fiverr i am proud to a member and seller i am happy that fiverr growing ups amd ups day by day

love fiverr

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